What are our fields of research?


The "A-MBE" Molecular Strahepitaxy Facility in the IHT Clean Room

Aim of the research at the IHT...

is the optimization of existing and the research of novel device concepts for state-of-the-art logic, memory and power electronic applications based on the latest quantum electronic findings.

Silicon-based crystal growth using molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) of the Group IV heteroepitaxy competence field is the backbone of device research.

View into the wet chemistry area

In combination with an established CMOS-compatible clean room technology line and a wide range of analytics, device research at the institute concentrates on the transition from today's micro and nanoelectronics to future quantum electronics.

Overview of the competence fields of the IHT
Overview of the competence fields of the IHT


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Michael Oehme


Academic Senior Counsellor
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Daniel Schwarz



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