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What technical and technological equipment is available for research at the IHT?

View of the new building of the Institute of Electrical Engineering on the Campus Vaihingen
View of the new building of the Institute of Electrical Engineering on the Campus Vaihingen

Excellent research opportunities...

are offered by the equipment at the University Campus Vaihingen. The IHT operates a clean room directly in the new building of the electrotechnical institutes at the university campus Vaihingen. Two CMOS-compatible process lines were set up in this clean room and the grey rooms of the IHT. Together with the established analytical facilities, the IHT offers its students and staff the best conditions for successful Teaching and Research.


Some dates and numbers

  • cleanroom area: 350 m²
  • cleanroom class: 10000 bis 100
  • Automatic process equipment
  • Substrate size up to 200 mm diameter
  • Vapor deposition and sputtering process technology: AlSi (1%), Al, Ag, Ni, TiW
  • PECVD deposition: SiO2, Si3N4
  • MBE growth: Si, SiGe, Sn, GeSn
  • ALD separation: Al2O3
  • Dry etching process: ICP, RIE
  • Wet chemical etching: Si, SiGe, SiO2, Si3N4, metals
  • Cleaning procedures
  • Contact lithography up to substrate size 150 mm
  • E-beam Lithography
  • SEM
  • µRaman spectroscopy
  • Ellipsoemtrie, Reflectometry
  • Profilometry
  • Wet chemical defect etching of thin films
  • Low temperature Hall- measurement technology
  • XRD
  • DC voltage: UI, CV
  • High frequency up to 110 GHz
  • Optical Spectral Analysis (LED)
  • Optical sensitivity (detector)
  • Sawing work on silicon wafers
  • Bonding techniques
  • Housing Surface-mounting technology
  • Prototype building
  • Tools for wafer handling
  • Single and small batch production
  • Other mechanical work on request


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Michael Oehme


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