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IHT and IIS launch the ei-bauhaus stuttgart

June 30, 2020 /

The Institute for Semiconductor Technology (IHT) and the Institute for Intelligent Sensor Technology (IIS) have decided to enter a strategic partnership, thus founding the public launch of the ei-bauhaus stuttgart.

The Institute of Semiconductor Engineering and the Institute of Smart Sensors have decided to enter a strategic partnership in both research and education to exploit the strong synergies of their complementary research and teaching activities in the areas of semiconductor devices, circuits and system in the best possible way.

  • Dovetailing of lectures through a common signpost system and mutual referencing and inclusion of topics
  • Bilateral student theses (bachelor, research and master theses)
  • Development of a joint lab course (“Fachpraktikum”)
  • Joint "marketplace of ideas”
  • Joint colloquium
  • A one-day workshop held once a year to exchange research activities
  • Joint doctoral seminars held every two years

ei-bauhaus stuttgart

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